Hailanxin "weaving" radar net to eliminate offshore "blind zone"

Issuing time:2019-02-25 15:11

On June 12, the tianjin maritime search and rescue information platform project report and cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony was held in tianjin. Tianjin maritime search and rescue center, Beijing Highlander Digital Technology Co.,Ltd., and sanya hailan huanyu Marine information Technology Co., ltd. signed a trilateral cooperation framework agreement to cooperate in the construction of maritime search and rescue information platform project. This marks the first demonstration application of hailanxin offshore radar network in the national maritime search and rescue field, and the tianjin maritime search and rescue information platform becomes the first case of the system's application in the national maritime search and rescue system. It is of great strategic significance to upgrade the modern information technology level of the national maritime search and rescue work, and further facilitate the implementation of the "One Belt And One Road" initiative.

According to the agreement, hilanxin is responsible for the development and construction of information resources of the maritime search and rescue information platform. Sanya hilanxin world is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the search and rescue data information of the platform. The three parties will give full play to their respective advantages in technology, scientific research, management and policy, constantly develop new technologies, explore cutting-edge search and rescue technologies and deepen and optimize the system, so as to provide more accurate and strong technical support for tianjin maritime search and rescue work.

Tianjin municipal government officials said the signing of the cooperation framework agreement on the tianjin maritime search and rescue information platform project has laid a foundation for smart search and rescue and smart port construction. The three parties should earnestly implement the cooperation framework agreement, strengthen the content of cooperation and enhance the value of cooperation, so that the project results can play an important role in the whole industry and economic development process. The tianjin municipal government will also step up publicity efforts to further promote the project construction process and help the implementation of the cooperation framework agreement.

In recent years, tianjin's maritime search and rescue capability has been greatly improved. It has realized normal maritime patrol and oil spill monitoring by unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), and launched the construction of wireless digital communication network for search and rescue sites in coastal waters. However, the total area of search and rescue responsibility of the maritime search and rescue center in tianjin is 15,000 square kilometers, and the coverage of existing radar, maritime communication and other search and rescue equipment is limited. The maritime search and rescue information platform is a high-tech search and rescue information system equipped with information radar chain, photoelectric tracking, hydrometeorology, maritime communication and other equipment. Through the deployment of multiple stations, the search and rescue surveillance scope can be extended from the port area to the sea area, and provide real-time data support for emergency search and rescue.

Relevant person in charge of tianjin maritime search and rescue center said that the development and application of the platform will further enhance the intelligent level of tianjin maritime search and rescue, increase the scientific and technological content of maritime search and rescue, and enhance the support capacity of maritime search and rescue. It will help make up for the shortcoming of search and rescue management and control in the city's offshore waters, effectively integrate the policy advantages of government departments and the technological advantages of scientific and technological enterprises, and further give play to the service and guarantee role of maritime search and rescue work in national strategy and economic development of tianjin.

It is reported that the core system of tianjin maritime search and rescue information platform is hai lanxin intelligent surveillance radar system. The system can realize all-weather and full-range real-time monitoring, and can effectively detect small ships and above targets within 20 nautical miles offshore, with strong photoelectric linkage, target recognition ability, and real-time automatic recording and playback. The system adopts the mode of "enterprises raising funds by themselves and the government purchasing services", and has been widely used in the fields of shore-based and oil platforms in hainan and zhejiang.

Helanxin has been committed to becoming a global leader in intelligent navigation and a builder of China's intelligent ocean. Its business of intelligent navigation and Marine informatization is at the leading level in China. According to the relevant person in charge of the company, in recent years, the company has actively explored and innovated its business model. By providing systems and equipment, the company has built a service platform based on customer demand to promote information sharing among customers, thus promoting the sustainable development of an ecological industry. Next, the company will continue to fully promote the construction of the national offshore radar network, complete the national layout of the offshore radar network, so as to make greater contributions to the national offshore search and rescue and Marine information services.

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