Acorn international launched the E road navigation satellite navigator

Issuing time:2019-02-25 15:19

Nowadays, with the wide application of GPS (global positioning System) technology in various fields of national production and daily life, "mystique" and "defamiliarization", which were once high-end innovative technologies, are gradually replaced by "convenience" and "indispensable". Recently, the leading domestic TV shopping company, China's first cross-media sales platform -- acorn international announced that it will launch flagship GPS product E road navigation satellite navigator for the domestic market, in order to meet the needs of domestic car users for GPS navigation system more and more accurate. Reporters learned that the acorn international launched the E road navigation satellite navigation device, its accuracy in the previous generation on the basis of the improvement of more than 20%, but also has the MP4 multimedia entertainment function, is set positioning, navigation, entertainment in one of the new generation of GPS flagship products.

The market demand of millions provides the footnote for acorn international's high-profile entry into the market: according to the authoritative survey, the installed base of China's vehicle-mounted GPS navigation system was less than 100,000 in 2005, but the car market in China, with the holding volume having exceeded 33 million, is undoubtedly one of the largest markets of vehicle-mounted GPS in the world.

Obviously, at present, the installation rate of domestic automobile on-board navigator is less than 1%, while that of Japanese automobile on-board navigator is as high as 59%, and that of European and American navigator is about 25%. Acorn international GPS project leader optimistic estimates that if this number in China rose to 10% in 2007, the sales of GPS will appear blowout, to more than 5 million units, at each unit 4000 yuan calculation, China will be born in 2007 a scale of more than 20 billion yuan of GPS market.

It is reported that as the largest, most professional and most successful TV shopping company in China, shopping has always been committed to creating value products with technology and service since its establishment 8 years ago, and strives to create a new technology and new concept life for consumers through a complex cross-media sales platform. This time, the launch of the E road navigation navigator is acorn international cited satellite navigation and positioning technology as well as the unique humanized design concept, and the multimedia MP4 broadcast technology together, developed with the leading international technical standards of road navigation system. As we all know, the most important application function of GPS technology is "positioning and navigation". At present, it is mainly used in highway transportation, automobile transportation, aircraft shipping, Marine shipping and other satellite technology azimuth navigation. Nowadays, GPS navigation technology is gradually accepted and required by urban life, and both domestic and commercial vehicles have an increasingly urgent demand for this search and navigation technology based on electronic map. The fact proves that a professional and advanced road navigation instrument is increasingly becoming a necessary product for vehicle traffic. The measures for acorn international, the reporter understands to the expert inside course of study: E road launched the development of navigation satellite navigation, with its new detailed built-in electronic navigation chart, 24 satellite positioning three seconds precise location, and adopt the Microsoft and Intel WINCE system ARM chips, achieve the full reality of automatic voice navigation system for the first time as the new forces of GPS satellite navigation market in China, the development of GPS in the future market is a great boost.

In addition, the reporter learned that, E road navigation satellite navigation in this year (2006) the United States CES show, won the "best mobile consumer electronics products" award. At the same time, acorn international has started to lay down channels in key cities across the country, striving to build a dense GPS sales network and fully promote the development of GPS market.

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